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Nurse holding an oxygen mask while looking at camera
Doctor crossing his arms while smiling
Doctor smiling while folding his arms
Woman surgeon putting a surgical hat on
Technische Ausrüstung am Arbeitsplatz
Anesthesia mask holding by a nurse
Focus on a surgical team holding an anesthesia mask
Cute girl taking a picture
Patient with oxygen mask
Patient having an oxygen mask on her face
Doctor holding a stethoscope with a patient
Surgical team working together
Surgeon team working together
Doctor looking at a patient while taking her hand
Doctor removing his gloves
Doctor and a patient talking
Doctor holding a medical tool
Car jack
Woman smiling while showing a yellow tennis ball
Two surgeons looking at each other
Surgeon operating with surgical tools
Smiling woman holding a tennis raquet and ball
Surgeon smiling while holding a scissors
Girl taking a picture
Car jack
Surgeon with his hands crossed on a table
Woman surgeon standing next to a x-ray light
Happy girl taking a picture
Medical team operating
Nurse adjusting a monitor
Tasting new toy.
Close up of a quiet girl listening to music
Surgeon holding a radiography
Surgeon standing
Surgeon checking x-rays
Doctor putting his hand on his forehead
Business Man with Tablet PC
Surgeon joining his hands and smiling
business man
Practitioner looking at camera
Patient listening to a doctor
Serious doctors operating a surgical tools
Surgeon holding a surgical tool
Close up of a girl listening to music
business man
BOSTON - OCTOBER 23: A.U.S.R Orca womens Eights races in the Head of Charles Regatta. Williams College won with a time of 14:17 on October 23, 2011 in Boston, MA.

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