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Fireworks in Rome
Girandola Fireworks in Rome and Vatican
Restoration in Florence
Arches in Florence
Florence on Restoration
Riverside in Florence
Georgofili in Florence
Wave on a cliff
Roofs of Rome and the Pantheon's dome
The Kings in the nativity scene
Candies on a rough plain
gas burning from a stove
Late summer dawn
Urban view of San Francisco
fast car over the Golden Gate Bridge
silhouette of residential building at sunset
Italian beach with umbrellas
National Museum of African American History and Culture
Rushing sea
Casa de la Panaderia on Plaza Mayor in Madrid
Casa de la Panaderia on Plaza Mayor in Madrid
Rome in fog
Candle Lantern in the street
Flat Iron building from the bottom
Union Station in Chicago
old port gate
Birth of Jesus in the manger
Wonderful Rome
Rome - Paris twinning celebration
Empire State Building and Flatiron Building
Plaza Mayor and King Philip lll equestrian statue
Baroque in Rome
Balcuny pattern
Volta Temple
David vs Goliath in Florence
Equestrian statue of Marco Aurelio in Rome
Alessandro Volta Temple
Wisdom, an art deco piece over the entrance of 30 Rockefeller plaza in New York
Exterior Clock of Grand Central Terminal Station in New York
Sunlight in the church
Rio de la Plata Statue
Empire state building facade.
traffic lights
Late summer dawn
Windows on a modern office building
Como Cathedral Facade
Lamp in San Francisco Chinatown
Broadway in San Francisco
Detail of the facade of Casa de la Panaderia ( Bakery House ), P
Music in the snow

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