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Discovery Adventure
05 Mountainview 2 by Maik Thomas
04 Bonus Track by Maik Thomas
02 Mountainview 1 by Maik Thomas
08 Outro by Maik Thomas
New Horizons
Mysterious Adventure
Russian  Beautiful Winter
Discovery City
Find A Way
Find A Way
Find A Way Instrumental
Find A Way instru
The Find
03 Rahm Hanke by Maik Thomas
01 Intro by Maik Thomas
07 Memories by Maik Thomas
Romantic Duet
Fantasy Cinematic
Majestic Inspiration
The Nature of Love - Die Natur der Liebe
This is my new energetic, positive, corporate and bouncy soft pop trance music track with uplifting bright mood, which contain modern synths, electronic drums, background vocal samples and live bass…This hi tech track can be used anywhere – as
Ocean Breeze 3
Hypnotic Guitars
Scientific Discovery
Magic Island
Gonna Find Me A Stallion
Soft emotional piano and strings
Gotta Find Out
Gotta Find Out
I Will Find My Way
Fairytale Town
On Machu Picchu
To Touch the Positive
Big Race
Night life
To Touch the clouds Sky
Happy Winter
War is coming
Upbeat Winter
BUSINESS OPTIMISTIC BACKGROUND long 10 min (corporate, motivational, uplifting)
BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY long 10min (corporate, motivational, uplifting, inspirational)
The fifth dimension
Epic Success long version 10 min (motivational, motion and uplifting background)
Action positive background music long 10 m (uplifting, corporate, motivational)
INNOVATIVE BUSINESS IDEAS Long 10 min (corporate, motivational, inspirational)
Feeling of Pride long 10 min (motivational, corporate, uplifting)

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