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A beautiful girl in a green blouse and white trousers stands near the shelves with documents. photo with depth of field.
Company of six nice trendy attractive pretty elegant cheerful glad positive caucasian guys ladies pairs pal having fun luncheon brunch best tradition table buffet snack industrial loft interior room
Three girls at garment factory. One of them is posing on foreground. They are happy and fashionable.
Close up, cropped photo of professional, qualified workmen working working with special waterproof bitumen membrane on wooden roof top with osb or plywood panel under new modern building construction
Word writing text Be Prepared. Business photo showcasing try be always ready to do or deal with something Isolated geometrical background man chest holding megaphone speech bubble
Businesswoman using mobile phone while colleagues working in background at office
Businesswoman explaining to male colleagues over computer in creative office
Portrait of confident business people standing at table in creative office
Two colleagues exchanging ideas about new project
Young builder presenting a blueprint to his colleague
foreman in charge of command in repairing and replacement of shaft on propeller of the ship at medsea port by the workers and technician
Two concentrated women tailors different ages working with sewing machines at studio
Close up of a handsome smiling man holding in his hands the painting spray gun, an wearing a gray jacket in a blurred background, profile view
Horizontal shot of cheerful and young businessman in black suit gesturing and smiling while standing against cityscape view with cloud from messages on background.
Close-up of a man in a black construction uniform, welding mask, protective black gloves, welding a metal yellow construction on a table with a welding machine, a lot of tools around, in the background a building and a red car
Confident businessman holding jacket behind his back in one hand and white big arrow in another hand while standing among flying paper planes at green meadow and cityscape view on background.
Female arm show stats graphic clipped to pad
Arms of worker measuring wooden bar closeup
Arms of worker measuring wooden bar closeup
Handsome male carpenter smiling to the camera at his workshop. Young cheerful carpenter filling papers using laptop at his furniture workshop. Attractive male cabinetmaker smiling to the camera cheerfully while working on the computer. Small business concept.
Cheerful mechanic enjoying working at the garage. Young cheerful car mechanic smiling to the camera while examining engine of a car. Professional auto mechanic working at his garage, looking under the hood of a car. Service, driving concept.
Sales Management - Hand pressing a button on blurred background concept . Business, technology, internet concept. Stock Photo
hands of craftsman in workshop manually sanding on workbench a decorative figura of wood with carpenters tool in hands / cabinetmaker modeling a decorative piece of wood
Warehouse manager and worker discussing with laptop in warehouse
architect doing victory gesture
Panoramic image of the modern operating room with the personnel working with the patient.
auto repair service station blurred background, Adjusting Wheel
High angle above top view flat lay cropped man hands with blank stand at the table in light loft interior pointer at document
Collaboration brainstorming partners partnership concept. Cropped photo of small group two colleagues specialist designer person in formal wear standin  loft interior hold pencil in hand read graphic
High angle above top view cropped confident clever lady in her formal wear she sit at the desk in bright loft interior make new corporate project
Plastic window frame assembly concept. Cropped close up and vertical photo of adult workman using torque screwdriver installing metal anchor plate on new window frame
Woman giving presentation to her colleagues in office
Worker with gum boots spreading ready mix concrete
Positive adult worker repairing room and looking for necessary tool in toolbox
Cusco, Peru - May 14 : Jenni, a young woman dressed in colorful traditional native Peruvian closing holding a baby Lamb with Inca walls in the background. May 14 2016, Cusco Peru.
New collection. Portrait of attentive young designer with pins cushion round her wrist taking measurements on mannequins shoulder while expressing interest to work
Young and successful businessman in black suit holding paintbrush in hand and smiling while standing with orange liquid splash with against cloudy skyscape view on background.
Word writing text Have Questions question Ask.. Business concept for asking someone respond you with feedback Class room office sound speaker system convey lecture lesson message
18 of December, 2017 - Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Various textiles for sale in fabric shop, drapery store.
Warehouse workers and manager discussing with laptop in the warehouse
Sales Management - Hand pressing a button on blurred background concept . Business, technology, internet concept. Stock Photo
Warehouse manager and workers preparing a shipment in warehouse
Technicians fixing cable in server room
Technician talking on mobile phone while working in server room
Focused technician working on laptop in server room
Portrait of happy technician working on laptop in server room
Man reading a book in a coffee shop
Brewers testing beer at brewery factory
Smiling happy womas is sitting on the sofa at her cozy textile workshop. She keeps drawings in her hands.
Smiling happy designer is sitting on the sofa at her own garment studio. She keeps drawings in her hands.
Two young dressmaker or designer colleagues working as fashion designers and drawing sketches for clothes, choose color bar in tablet, profession and job occupation, Fashion Designer Stylish Concept.
Close-up of technician maintaining record of rack mounted server on clipboard in server room
Writing note showing Fail Fast Succeed Faster. Business photo showcasing dont give up keep working on it to achieve Man holding marker notebook clothepin reminder wooden table cup coffee
Warehouse managers interacting with workers in office
Warehouse manager and client discussing over digital tablet in warehouse
Portrait of warehouse manager shaking hands with client in warehouse
Rear view of warehouse manager and client standing in warehouse
Silhouette. Road closed, dead end, man sitting on the ground on orange background
Happy delivery man leaning on pile of cardboard boxes against building by night
Portrait of man working outdoors and having hard work

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