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279502 Bilder zum Thema "deprimiert" bei ClipDealer

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Depressed man with head in hand
Depressed businesswoman sitting in the premises
Depressed male executive working on computer
Depressed man sitting on floor using laptop
Depressed professor sitting with notes at desk
Depressed man sitting on floor
Depressed woman frowning
Depressed woman leaning her head against a wall
Depressed male student with head on knees
Depressed businesspeople sitting at table during a meeting
Depressed man looking at alcohol glass
Depressed businesswoman with hand on her head
Depressed man sitting on floor using laptop
Depressed woman talking with her therapist
Depressed woman looking at camera
Depressed woman leaning her head against a wall
Depressed woman having whiskey at bar counter
Depressed man having alcohol
Depressed couple standing back to back
Depressed student sitting in locker room
Depressed businesswoman sitting on steps with hand on head
Depressed blonde woman looking at camera
Depressed brunette sitting on her couch
Depressed man lying on couch and talking to therapist
Depressed couple standing back to back
Depressed man with head down on a bar counter
Depressed businessman sitting on steps
Depressed woman sitting
Depressed businessman sitting with hand on forehead
Depressed man sitting on floor
Young woman in depression
Abused woman in the corner of a stairway comforting herself
Stress at the pregnant woman at home
Depressed consultation with depressed man
Sad girl crying and a friend comforting her outdoors in a park
Frustrated business man is sitting on chair, full length, isolated on white background, asian people
Young girl is sitting depressed on a bench.
Teenage depression
A treatment digital art creation of a eye in CS3.Representation of personal chaos, depression, or mental problems
Depressed young woman sitting on the bed at home suffering from a severe depression
man waiting to help poor single-handed
Young man abandoned lost in depression sitting on ground street subway tunnel suffering emotional pain, sadness and looking destroyed and desperate leaning on wall alone
Tired Mother Suffering From Post Natal Depression
Depressive pessimistic lonely woman in dark room, low key portrait of sad adult female
Beautiful mixed race African American girl teenager female young woman drinking takeaway coffee outside sitting on a park bench in autumn or fall looking sad depressed or thoughtful
sad daughter hugging his mother at home. Concept of couple family is in sorrow.
Stressed young woman in front of christmas tree
Closeup young woman with worried stressed face expression looking down trying to concentrate brain melting into lines question marks deep thinking. Obsessive compulsive, adhd, anxiety disorders
Depressed and lonely teenage girl with hands over her face sitting on the railroad
Hands of a missing kidnapped, abused, hostage, victim woman  tied up with rope in emotional stress and pain, afraid, restricted, trapped, call for help, struggle, terrified, locked in a cage cell.
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - CIRCA 1998: A stamp printed in USA showing an image of a mother with her children during the Great Depression, circa 1998.
Portrait of a drunk  man addicted to alcohol sleeping with his head on the table
Tortured thinking and depression concept as a group of tangled barbwire or barbed wire fence shaped as a human head as a metaphor for psychological or psychiatric condition of suffering and victim of oppression or mental illness.
Sad man sitting head in hands on his bed in a bedroom at home
head in the tunnel waiting hands of underprivileged children alone
Mother In Nursery Suffering From Post Natal Depression
Creepy Street
She is going your way. Lost time is never found again.

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